We purchase scrap metal from Miki, Kobe, Akashi, Kakogawa, Takasago, Himeji

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As a specialist of scrap metal recycling

SMC Co., Ltd., based in Miki city, purchases and processes non-ferrous scrap metal, circuit boards, minor metal, gold and metal slag, and much more from Kobe city, Akashi city, Kakogawa city, Takasago city, Himeji city, and other places from all over Japan.

Infection Prevention Measures for COVID

・We do not allow admission for those with a fever of over 37.5 degrees
or those who have the symptoms of a cold.

・Those who enter must wear a mask.

To prevent the spread of the COVID infection we ask all those who come to follow the above protocol.
For more information regarding our “Infection Prevention Measures for COVID” please check the PDF file below.

Recycling Product List

Product List

We purchase all kinds of copper and miscellaneous wires, as well as non-ferrous metal, minor metal, gold and silver slag. Leave it to us if you wish to sell your scrap metal at a high price.

Copper/Miscellaneous Wires

Non-ferrous Metal

Miscellaneous Scrap/Ferrous Metal

Minor Metal

Gold and Silver Slag

Circuit Boards

Pick Up

Featured Product Items

If you bring the below items to our company, we will buy them at a high price.
For any other scrap metal prices please feel free to contact us.

Bright and Shiny Millberry

from 1050 yen/kg

Aluminium Sash (with screws)

from 180 yen/kg

Stainless Steel

from 170 yen/kg

Update: Sep 15, 2022

 Copper Quote Information 
1,520,000 yen
(as of Apr 16, 50,000 yen raise)

Scrap Pick-Up Service

Factories such as those in lower Hyogo prefecture that produce large quantities of scrap metal can ask us to come and pick up your items.
We will go to your location to pick up your items in our own pick-up truck.
Our staff will swiftly and carefully pick and handle your items.
Please contact us if you are looking for somebody to come pick up your items.

About our scrap pick up service

Our attractive facilities and many heavy machinery

At our 5 factories located on our vast site area, we can efficiently convert a variety of scrap metal into recycling components.
We own many impressive machines and facilities in order to handle many types of material.
We can also separate insulated wires into copper nuggets and coating with our large nugget machine.

For more about our facility

For more about our heavy machinery


We are located 10 minutes south from the Miki Ono interchange on the Sanyou road.
With easy access from Kobe and Akashi and with wide roads surrounding our area, we welcome any large trucks with any loads of scrap metal.

SMC Co., Ltd.

〒673-0433 Hyogo-ken Miki City Fukui 2283-2
Telephone #0794-83-0791
Fax #0794-83-1833

For more details

Google Map

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flexible containers

At SMC we sell flexible containers for transporting and storing metal and industrial waste.

Scrap Bin Containers

Easy to Use. Strong Durability. Our original products Scrap Bin Containers on Sale.

Leather Working Gloves

Resist heat, friction, and oil stains. Gloves with excellent cost performance.


We are looking for workers to join our team in the recycling and scrap industry.